April 24

Ganache Rhum-Raisins (from Patisserie, Felder 2011)

I’ve been taking a little bit of a break to eat all the kinds of stuff you really shouldn’t when you’re supposed to be learning to cook, but I couldn’t stop myself making something rich, indulgent and totally totally bad for me when I saw this recipe.  It has all the chocolate you can shake […]

April 17

Asperges avec Oeufs Pochés à la Hollandaise – Asparagus with Poached Eggs and Hollandaise Sauce (from French Brasserie Cookbook, Galmiche 2011)

Butter.  Butter butter butter butter, butter butter.  Butter butter butter butter. That is how this post might as well read, for I have single-handedly seriously depleted the EU butter mountain in the making of this: Don’t let all that green fool you, this is a heart attack on a plate.  So now I’ve given you […]

April 16

Carré Florentin (from Patisserie, Felder 2011)

I am easily distracted by bright, colourful and shiny things.  So when I walked into London’s grand old bookstore Foyles, I was drawn in by the glossy hot pink tractor beam of Patisserie by Christophe Felder.  But I was totally hooked by the 3,200 step-by-step pictures (perfect for a dunce like me) over 800 pages of […]

April 12

Baked Plaice Stuffed with Aubergine, Basil and Tomato (from Channel 4)

I am on a health kick.  I have taken up swimming, I am drinking more water, I am eating chocolate-covered raisins instead of chocolate-covered peanuts, and I am looking for French-ish recipes that are full of flavour, less full of fat.  (If you have any recipes that fit the bill, please do share them with […]

April 11

Steak Tartare – Part Un (from The Best Steak Tartare in Paris)

If ever there was a dish designed to test the strength of your internal organs,  steak tartare is it.  Raw meat and raw egg are Ecoli‘s best friends.  Vegetarians and vegans, pregnant women, young children, or those of a nervous disposition, should look away now. I love it (I totally live on the edge… yeah, of London). […]

April 08

Banana, Raspberry and Coconut Cake

My clumsiness has reached new levels of slapstick.  During the course of making this recipe, I dropped things SIX times.  Including my phone.  Twice.  Into mashed banana. But even the onset of motor neuron degeneration and the lingering smell of banana on my phone cannot dampen my delight with this recipe.  Another case of a […]

April 05

Tricolore Salad

So now I’m trying to pass off an Italian salad as French.  I couldn’t think of any appetising blue foods to substitute the avocado with to make a French Tricolore.  I don’t think Smurf, for example, is edible… or real, and M&Ms would be preposterous. But I was inspired to make the recipe by the […]