No Cook Chocolate Tart (from Lovely Buns, 2013)

I am greedy and I am lazy.  I am not ashamed.  It may be a sad indictment of the modern age that we are short on time; mornings in the gym, long days at work followed by evenings and weekends reminding ourselves that we have friends and family that require our attention, leave us short on time to enjoy any real brain and body downtime.  We need food when we have the chance to eat it, and often find ourselves with little time or energy to prepare… and so cooking is swept aside for quick convenient food to scoff down in seconds.  Having said that, there is also an argument for me just being gluttonous, choosing to sit on my ass stuffing cake into my, er, cakehole.  The jury is out.

Whichever way, when Candy over at Lovely Buns posted this recipe for no-cook chocolate tart, I was attracted by its easiness, chocolate, ability to be made in advance before guests come over, chocolate and chocolate.  These elements are of the upmost importance to me, especially as someone with so precious little time… who prefers sitting down over standing up… and would prefer to be sitting down *with* chocolate.

Imagine, if you will (and you should, it will be worth the effort), a sweet buttery biscuit base** topped with light and fluffy chocolate mousse.  Imagine how some of the chocolate mousse has worked its way between biscuit crumbs and formed little nuggets of chocolate gold.  Imagine lifting a forkful into your mouth, slowly closing your lips around it and allowing the chocolate mousse to melt for a moment before feeling the crunch of the sweet buttery base behind it.  Sex on a fork and with little effort required.  Now that’s my kind of pud.

chocolate tart

Hello there my friend.

No Cook Chocolate Tart

Sexy and effortless; the little black dress of desserts.

Need this

200g Bonne Maman Petits Buerre biscuits (or other butter biscuits) / 100g butter / 1 tbsp clear honey / 100g milk chocolate / 100g dark (minimum 70% cocoa) chocolate / 2 tbsp icing sugar / 200ml whipping cream

Do this

Biscuits in plastic bag & beat with a rolling pin until crumbly / melt butter & honey & stir in biscuits / grease tart tin / press in biscuit mixture to make base / melt chocolate (using bain marie or microwave) / stir in icing sugar / whisk cream to firm peaks / fold into chocolate mixture / pour over base / fridge to chill 2 hours

** It would be a crime to talk about buttery biscuit base without sharing this ground-breaking Swede Mason Masterchef tune of beauty and wondrousness.  Prepare yourself for the base/bass.