Ganache Rhum-Raisins (from Patisserie, Felder 2011)

I’ve been taking a little bit of a break to eat all the kinds of stuff you really shouldn’t when you’re supposed to be learning to cook, but I couldn’t stop myself making something rich, indulgent and totally totally bad for me when I saw this recipe.  It has all the chocolate you can shake a stick at, and a massively boozy dose of rum too.  There are some raisins though, so if I eat enough of them then I must get my 5 portions of fruit & veg a day.

The best thing about these, apart from the booze and the chocolate and your 5 fruit & veg, is they make you seem competent in the kitchen.  First there’s the rum & raisin ganache, all smooth and moving as one oozing magnetic mass like some alien monster from a B movie, barely leaving a trace when poured from the mixing bowl.  Then there’s the fine layer of crunchy chocolate on both sides.  HOW?  A little magic.  And a little mess.

And holy weight gain Batman!  They are wondrous; the light crunch from the chocolate coating giving way to luxurious and intoxicating smoothness.  So devilishly naughty, I must confess to having waited until the boyfriend was asleep before tiptoeing back into the kitchen to steal a couple more.  Busted.


You won’t be able to sleep knowing they’re in the same house as you.

Need this

60ml dark rum / 80g raisins / 400g milk chocolate / 125ml double cream / 100g dark chocolate (min 70% cocoa) / unsweetened cocoa powder

Do this

heat rum in pan / pour over raisins & leave for 1 hour (pic 1) / chop milk chocolate finely / boil cream over medium heat / pour over chocolate bit by bit, stirring all the time / stir until smooth / drain raisins & keep rum / roughly chop raisins / stir into chocolate / add rum & stir / line a small baking tin with cling film or wrap / pour ganache into pan / chill in fridge minimum 1 hour / chop dark ch0colate finely / put in heatproof bowl over pan of boiling water (not touching water) / melt & stir until smooth / use cling film to remove ganache from tin in one piece / pour half of dark chocolate over & spread evenly with palette knife / leave to set a little 2-3 mins / dust cocoa powder over (pic 2) / carefully turn ganache over / pour rest of chocolate over & do same as before / leave to set a little more / cut into squares / store in fridge


Pic 1: Boozy fruit.


Pic 2: Almost a solid slab of chocolate. Amazing.