Baked Plaice Stuffed with Aubergine, Basil and Tomato (from Channel 4)

I am on a health kick.  I have taken up swimming, I am drinking more water, I am eating chocolate-covered raisins instead of chocolate-covered peanuts, and I am looking for French-ish recipes that are full of flavour, less full of fat.  (If you have any recipes that fit the bill, please do share them with me!)

But of course, so long as Google exists, ignorance is not an option, and googling “healthy French recipe” brought up this right little goer from (UK) Channel 4.  It’s more of a spring/summer recipe, and not exactly suited to London right now, which is like living in the Arctic Circle with average March temperatures having reached a frostbitingly feeble 2.6C.  Ouch.

Now that my blog has reached 100 followers (thank you guys!), I have employed a commis chef (my long-suffering boyfriend) to do all that nasty business of chopping onions for me, which allowed me to be more creative and make up a courgette (zucchini) salad accompaniment with my own head.  I never thought I’d see the day.  Ribbons of courgette griddled and mixed with splashes of olive oil, white wine vinegar and healthy pinches of salt & pepper.  It even tasted good.

The resulting plate was filled with fresh ripe flavours, the satisfying sweet burst of roasted cherry tomatoes, the delicate plaice flaking and melting, the zinging courgette salad and the comforting stodge of stuffing from the tomatoes, aubergines and breadcrumbs.  I think this is my favourite fish dish yet because it was simple, light, extremely tasty, and left me feeling satisfied but virtuous.  Give it a go and polish your halo!

Plaice rolls 4

My presentation doesn’t totally suck! Again!

Need This (for 4)

4 plaice fillets / 1 tbsp olive oil / 1 onion / 1 aubergine / 2 tomatoes / 2 tbsp tomato puree / 50g breadcrumbs / 1 egg / 6 basil leaves / 4 bunches of cherry tomatoes on the vine / salt & pepper

Do This

Fan oven 160C / heat oil in pan / add finely chopped onion + aubergine until soft / add tomato + puree / season / add breadcrumbs + egg white lightly beaten to bind / tear in basil leaves / stir (pic 1) /  rinse fillets / lay skin side up / put mixture on fillets & roll up / in dish with end underneath / add cherry tomatoes still on vines (pic 2) / oven 20 mins (pic 3)

Plaice rolls 1

Pic 1: Stuffing mix.

Plaice rolls 2

Pic 2: Ready for the oven.

Plaice rolls 3

Pic 3: Let your tastebuds anticipate those sweet roasted cherry tomatoes.