Banana, Raspberry and Coconut Cake

My clumsiness has reached new levels of slapstick.  During the course of making this recipe, I dropped things SIX times.  Including my phone.  Twice.  Into mashed banana.

But even the onset of motor neuron degeneration and the lingering smell of banana on my phone cannot dampen my delight with this recipe.  Another case of a blogger’s post, this time Laura’s Mess, dropping into my Inbox and falling truly, madly, deeply right away.

Laura’s original recipe was made with strawberries, but my supermarket had sold out.  It was also made in a loaf tin to be more bread-like, but I didn’t have one so I made it in a cake tin.  And to make matters really difficult, the battery in my electronic scales had died, and I had no way of accurately measuring anything.  In the world of baking, this is as foolhardy a mission as putting a man on the moon with all the computer power of a 1982 Casio calculator (niche one for the nerds there).  Thankfully, in her post, Laura says that this recipe “forgives many common errors that haunt novice cooks“.  I can confirm that it also forgives not-so-common errors, such as flour weighing via the method of sight and making lots of “um…errr...” sounds.

The result is both forgiving and undeniably scrumptious.  An excellent crumb (as Mary Berry would say) bursting with sweet banana, sharp raspberry and exotic coconut.  It’s like all of your favourite holiday memories wrapped up in a cake that’s great against all odds.  If you want to bake but you’ve been too scared to try, this is the beginner’s best friend.  Now you have no excuse!

Banana 6

Spongy crumb, sweet fruit and crunchy coconut topping.

You can find the original recipe here, but to follow is how I miraculously made mine.

Need This

100g unsalted butter / greaseproof paper / 225g self-raising flour / 1/2 tsp salt / 175g soft light brown sugar / 55g dessicated coconut / 200g fresh raspberries / 3 large or 4 medium bananas / 1/2 tsp vanilla extract / 3 tbsp milk / 1 egg / 1 tbsp demerara sugar / 1 tbsp extra dessicated coconut

Do This

Grease cake tin & line with greaseproof paper / oven 160C / flour + salt + butter / rub with fingers until breadcrumbs / stir in sugar + coconut + raspberries (pic 1) / mash bananas in separate bowl / add vanilla + milk + beaten egg (pic 2) / pour liquid into dry / combine well / turn into tin & smooth top with back of spoon (pic 3) / sprinkle over demerara sugar + extra coconut / oven 90 mins / skewer should come out with crumbs not wet mix / cool in tin (pic 4)

Banana Bread 1

Pic 1: Dry mix.

Banana Bread 2

Pic 2: Phone magnet.

Banana Bread 3

Pic 3: Looks undeniably cakey.

Banana Bread 5

Pic 4: An abused cake, skewered more times than was humane.