Tricolore Salad

So now I’m trying to pass off an Italian salad as French.  I couldn’t think of any appetising blue foods to substitute the avocado with to make a French Tricolore.  I don’t think Smurf, for example, is edible… or real, and M&Ms would be preposterous.

But I was inspired to make the recipe by the lovely and talented Teresa and her blog Can’t Stay Out of the Kitchen.  What better antidote could there be for butter-rich French food than a fresh, zingy salad?  When her post hit my Inbox, I was instantly seduced by the pictures of bright juicy tomatoes, soft ripe avocados and virgin milky-white mozzarella, pepped with a fresh homemade dressing.

It was everything I could have hoped for from that first look of lust.  With so few ingredients, buy the best quality ingredients you can to take the flavour up to 11.  I’m putting this recipe into my arsenal of simple starters, summer salads and cures for too much cream.


Do you feel the lust?

Check out Teresa’s original recipe here.  I adapted to what was already in my kitchen, which is what I share here.

Need This

4 large vine tomatoes / 225g mozzarella / 2 ripe avocados / lemon juice / 55ml olive oil / 55ml red wine vinegar / half tsp garlic salt / half tsp oregano / half tsp herbes de provence / half tsp dried parsley / quarter tsp black pepper / half tsp caster sugar / few leaves basil

Do This

Wash and slice tomatoes / tear mozzarella / cut avocados lengthways & remove stone / slice crossways then peel skin off / wash avocados in lemon juice to prevent browning / mix all in bowl / mix all other ingredients except basil / pour over / garnish with torn basil leaves