Chicken Chasseur (from Delicious Magazine, 2012)

Chicken chasseur is the recipe that time forgot.  It is still lingering somewhere in the 70s, served up by countless Beverly Mosses (Abigail’s Party) and Margo Leadbetters (The Good Life).  My mention of making chicken chasseur raised eyebrows and laughs; “how retro“.

But just what is so laughable about chicken chasseur?  It’s chicken with a white wine, tomato, shallot and mushroom sauce.  Cue collective shrug.  It seems the chasseur sauce is practically as old as food, allegedly created by Philippe de Mornay, sauce connoisseur and royal coat-tail hanger-on at Henry VIII’s court.  This guy was also allegedly responsible for the béchamel sauce, without which the world wouldn’t have the croque monsieur, and that’s not a world that bears thinking about *shudders*.

The recipe I got from Delicious Magazine here is billed as “A classic French dish, this… recipe is low in calories“.  No butter, no cream, and only 319 calories per portion.  My halo was due for a polish.

A super easy recipe, cooked in one pot, low in fat and calories, succulent and scrumptious, perfect for a family meal or a romantic night in… I mean, where’s the catch?  It’s time to reclaim this delicious and healthy recipe from the retro bin and embrace our collective inner Margo.

Chicken Chasseur 3

Too good to be true?

Need This (for 4)

8 chicken thigh fillets / 4 thyme sprigs / 2 tbsp olive oil / 3 shallots / 2 garlic cloves / 1 tbsp tomato purée / 200ml dry white wine / 200ml chicken stock / 300g nutty mushrooms / 2 bay leaves / 200g chopped tomatoes / 2 tbsp flat leaf parsley / salt & pepper

Do This

Splay the thighs, sprinkle over half the thyme & season / roll up (tie if you want to) / 1 tbsp oil in large pot on medium heat / add chicken until golden both sides (pic 1) / remove chicken to the side / rest of oil, chopped shallot & crushed garlic into pot until browned / stir in purée for a minute / add wine & stock – boil / add chicken, mushrooms, bay leaves, rest of the thyme & season (pic 2) / simmer covered 10 mins / uncover & add tomatoes / simmer uncovered 30 mins low heat, turning chicken / sprinkle parsley & serve

Chicken Chasseur 1

Pic 1: Chicken browning

Chicken Chasseur 2

Pic 2: A 70s kaleidoscope of brown.


When I grow up, I want to be Margo Leadbetter.