Lentilles et Riz aux Oignons Frits / Mujadarrah (from Les Recettes du Panier)

A small aside, because I understand this dish is Egyptian, but I was put onto it by the definitely French Les Recettes du Panier, here (thank you Anne!).

I am generally of the opinion that lentils are about as appealing as wallpaper paste, and occasionally of the opinion that they resemble too closely something you find outside of the tube station on a Sunday morning.  (Samuel Johnson, the dude who wrote the first dictionary of the English language, said “By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show“.  In 100% agreement with you Sammy boy; including the bits of life you really don’t want to be shown.)

But I loved this dish, and so did my boyfriend.  The warmth from the mild heat of the cumin seeds is counter-balanced by the drizzle of natural yoghurt, and complemented by the sweetness of the buttery fried onions.  It’s easy, filling and yummy and makes a perfect lazy lunch.

At least four and a half times tastier than it looks.

At least four and a half times tastier than it looks.

Recipe can be found (in French and English) at the Les Recettes du Panier link above, but this is the version I made.

Need This (for 2)

olive oil / 1.5 white onions / pinch of caster sugar / 150g red lentils / 90g long grain rice / most of a tbsp cumin seeds / fat free natural yoghurt / salt & pepper

Do This

Heat oil in frying pan / chop onions & add to pan / sprinkle with sugar / fry until golden / put to one side / lentils in saucepan / cover with water & add salt / boil / simmer 5 mins / stir in rice / add more water & salt / season & add cumin seeds / cover pan & simmer 15 mins, stirring often / add half onions / serve with remaining onions on top & drizzle the yoghurt as you like