Raspberry Clafoutis (from French Brasserie Cookbook by Galmiche, 2011)

Ah clafoutis.  The reaction to which, outside the realm of food bloggers and Food Network addicts, is usually along the lines of “cla-what?”.  Cla-foo-ti.  If “cellar door” is linguistically and phonaesthetically the most pleasing sound in the English language, “clafoutis” must be the French equivalent;  CLA-FOO-TI.  CLA-FOOOOOO-TI.  Aaaaand, back in the room.  Well I understand this series of inane noises spilling out of my gob isn’t helping “civilian” readers get any closer to what it actually is.  Imagine a sweet yorkshire pudding full of fruit.  Or a big sweet batter-y bowl of berries.  Like a giant sugary fruity donut-y THING OF NOM.  Does that help?

Traditionally made with black cherries (amazing) but often with plums (double-plus amazing), I chose this raspberry version because I was feeding my parents and my father’s devotion to raspberries is almost religious in its fervour.  I have heard the stories of how he has travelled for endless miles to pick just one illicit raspberry.  Crossed field, river, train-track and most likely minefield too.  But I also made it because it’s an easy-peasy dessert to make when you’re feeding multiple courses into multiple mouths.

Simple, comforting and extraordinarily yummy… I could have eaten the whole dishful to myself.  So, civilians: a call to arms!  You know what it is, now go forth and make multiple, erm, clafoutii.



I may not be Heston Blumenthal on my presentation, but DAMN it tasted good.

My presentation may have all the elegance of a bin liner of stuff left outside a charity shop and found in the morning ripped apart and scavenged by foxes, but DAMN it tasted good.

Need This

1 lime / 280g raspberries / 125g caster sugar / 50g butter / 85g plain flour / salt / 2 eggs / 300ml milk

Do This

Fan oven 180 C / zest lime / put in bowl with raspberries & 2 tbsp sugar – set aside (pic 1) / soften 25g butter – grease gratin dish / sprinkle over 3 tbsp sugar and shake around to coat dish / sift flour & salt into 1 bowl / in 2nd bowl whisk 1 egg, 1 egg yolk, rest of sugar / slowly add egg mixture to flour mixture / slowly add milk, stirring until becomes batter (pic 2) / melt 25g butter & sit into batter / spread raspberry mix in gratin dish /pour batter over / oven 25 mins until golden / serve with quality vanilla ice cream

Raspberries, sugar and lime zest. I coould have eaten this as it was.

Pic 1: Raspberries, sugar and lime zest. I could have eaten this as it was.

Splattery batter-y.

Pic 2: Splattery batter-y.