French-style Chicken with Peas and Bacon (from BBC Good Food)

Like a knight in the shiniest armour galloping in on a great big white horse, the kind tweeter(s) at @bbcgoodfood rescued this damsel in butter distress with a low-fat, dare I say it, butter-less French recipe.

Chicken never lets you down, does it?  Unfailing in its ease and tastiness, you can return to it time and again after kitchen catastrophes and know that you are in safe hands.  Or is that safe wings?  I needed to banish the ghost of the Floating Island debacle which haunted my kitchen.

10 out of 10 to the BBC; it was well and truly laid to rest with this heavenly plate of food.  At less than 400 calories per serving, 7g carbs and 7g saturated fat (which I lowered further with half fat crème fraîche), I felt virtuous to the point of angelic eating it.  And while I attempt to bribe my way in through the pearly gates with a plate of this, I will feel safe in the knowledge that Floating Island is burning in the pits of hell.


Have you been good girl/boy?

Need This (for 2)

3 rashers smoked bacon / 4 chicken thigh fillets / 1 garlic clove / ½ bunch of spring onions / 150ml chicken stock / 125g frozen peas / ½ little gem lettuce / 1tbsp crème fraîche

Do This

Fry chopped bacon to golden / Take out bacon / Brown chicken each side in leftover fat / Add siced garlic and chopped spring onions 30 secs / Pour stock over / Add bacon / Cover, simmer 15 mins / Higher heat, add peas & lettuce / Cover, 4 mins / Stir in crème fraîche and serve.  You can see the recipe for yourself here.


The chicken thighs browned in the pan of bacon fat.


With garlic, spring onions, stock and bacon added.