French Waldorf Salad (from My Own Brain)

All this butter and cream is waging war on my waistline, and no amount of running and jump squats and ab crunches is enough to keep at bay the love-handles starting to appear above my waistband.  Love-handles, thanks to the French’s love of plates of fat with a side helping of other, lesser, food groups.

My body has been crying out for a salad and fruit, so I have obliged it.

I love Waldorf Salad; fresh, zingy and sweet, it doesn’t make me think “urgh, boring, salad… maybe I’ll have a whole gateau instead…“.  But I already know what you’re thinking: Waldorf Salad is an American classic, and this blog is about French cuisine.  Busted!  Thankfully, the Americans have missed out a key ingredient from their salad: CHEESE.  Specifically, BLUE CHEESE.  I’m astounded that anyone could eat grapes and/or walnuts without an accompaniment of blue cheese, they are so perfectly matched.

Waldorf Salad

Mmmm, delicious and healthy.

Need This (for 2)
120g walnut halves / 120g celery / 120g red seedless grapes / 1 sweet apple / 3 tbsp mayonnaise / 1 tsp lemon juice / ½ tsp salt / ¼ tsp pepper / 2 large lettuce leaves / Saint-Agur or Roquefort or Bleu d’Auvergne

Do This
Whisk mayo & lemon juice / Add salt & pepper / Add chopped walnuts halves & chopped apple / Add sliced grapes & celery / Mix / Serve on washed large lettuce leaf / Crumble cheese over the top to taste