May 19

Oeufs en Cocotte – Baked Eggs (from The Little Paris Kitchen, Khoo 2012)

You’d be forgiven for thinking that all I eat is the holy triumvirate of Cs: cake, chocolate and cheese.  Well you’d be 98.4% right.  But for the remaining 1.6% of the time, I eat things like eggs. I think we all need to take a moment just to appreciate the humble egg.  Boiled, poached, baked, […]

May 15

The Liebster Award

Wow, thank you Martha at HomeThoughtsFromAbroad626, who has nominated me for the Liebster Award.   It is an award for bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers and it helps to highlight and promote new blogs.  I really appreciate knowing that people are enjoying reading PGA.  The most important thing about making food is making people […]

May 14

Gratin au Poisson Fumé – Fish Pie (from The Little Paris Kitchen, Khoo 2012)

I am always tempted by fish pie on a menu, and I always wimp out because I don’t want to fall asleep in front of a whole restaurant/pub/café and need to be carried home by my friends.  Fish pie (in England, fish pie isn’t a pastry pie, it’s a potato gratin) is the most soporific […]

May 13

Citrus Poppy Seed Cake (from Lovely Buns, 2013)

Although my pastry and biscuit-based tarts have been close to triumphant, my track record with cake, properly crumby spongey delicious cake, has been inauspicious.  Heavy cakes, soggy cakes, monstrous cakes (such as my Gâteau Basque); I’ve seen them all come out of my oven, usually largely undercooked.  So it was a risk to make poppy seed […]

May 08

Orange Brioche Puddings – Crème Diplomate (from Patisserie, Felder 2011)

With the arrival of my French boyfriend’s parents, I wanted to show them un bon repas francais on their first night. So I practically pushed champagne and canapés (note: calling your amuse-bouches “canapés” is actually hilarious to the French, because canapé is really the word for sofa.  “Would you like a sofa covered in paté?”  Do […]

May 06

Emmental Gougères (from The Skinny French Kitchen, Eastwood 2011)

Choux has a bad reputation.  It is the lion of patisserie; king of the pastry jungle and difficult to master… one wrong move and it will bite your hand off.  During my regular sessions reading through my recipe books, I have flicked past the choux sections with my eyes firmly shut… surely I’m not ready […]

April 29

No Cook Chocolate Tart (from Lovely Buns, 2013)

I am greedy and I am lazy.  I am not ashamed.  It may be a sad indictment of the modern age that we are short on time; mornings in the gym, long days at work followed by evenings and weekends reminding ourselves that we have friends and family that require our attention, leave us short […]